Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company : Tasmania's Hidden Gems


Publishedon 08/07/2014 - 01:01 am

Only ever so slightly off the beaten track that is the Midlands Highway in Tasmania there is a wonderful little local gem of a business creating the finest of sauces, jams, relishes, chutneys and a range of other products from 100% locally sourced Tasmanian ingredients. If you haven't already heard of the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company you have been missing out.

tasmanian gourmet sauce companyJust 10 minutes from Launceston and approximately 5 minutes from Perth and located on Leighlands Rd, Evandale, Tim and Julie Barbour have been supplying locals, restaurants and even big name international airlines with their very tasty and amazingly delicious condiments for over 20 years. Their on-site kitchen which is managed immpeccably by Julie and her team of staff is set amongst a beautifully manicured and landscaped garden and is open Monday - Sunday for tours, group bookings, cooking classes and even sales of the plants from the topiary nursery.

Visitors will be greeted by the adorably friendly labrodor Maddie who may even "guide" you through the gardens on a tour. Once you step inside, be prepared for hospitality local's sytle as the ever smiling always happy Tim takes you through their range of products and passionately explains the best way to use their sauces to create meals to suit your own personal tastes. Be warned though - Tim's bubbly, happy personality and enthusiasm are infectious. I would plan en extra hour or so for your trip to the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company. You may find it hard to walk away from him!!!

Our personal favourites are the Whisky Marmalade Jam, Plum and Pepperberry Relish and the Loganberry Dessert Sauce (we still have not found a dessert that this does not go with). Their range of products continues to grow as Julie and the kitchen team continue to experiment and think up new ways to use some of the world's finest fresh produce to create their sweet and savoury flavours.

Luckily for everyone, if you are not able to make the trip to Evandale to personally visit them, their online store is available with all purchases shipped within 24 hours and delivered staraight to your doorstep. Payments can be made via credit card, paypal and direct deposit through their secure online shop. You will also find their products on the shelves of some of the best name local delis, specialty stores and butchers throughout Tasmania and other parts of Australia.

So next time you are driving past, take the time to stop in and say g'day to the team at the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company. And make some room on the shelves because you are going to want to keep stocking the wonderful products they sell once you try them for the first time!