Spreyton Cider - A Sparkling Product Of Tasmanian Apples


Publishedon 04/09/2014 - 03:37 am

Spreyton Cider tapsPicture this: Tasmania – a land of mountains and valleys, of bright green rolling hills sweeping down to blue rivers running over rocks, wallabies dodging out of sight as the land levels off, and an orchard comes into focus. Thousands of trees stand in hundreds of rows. Zoom in on a leafy branch, weighted down by bright red apples begging to be plucked. A happy tune plays as a gloved hand reaches out, grasps an apple and tugs. Free, the apple joins the crate. Off it goes to the shed filled with gleaming machinery, ready for that apple to be processed into delicious cider.  

Tourists think this is a myth, and wonder how the Tasmanian countryside could be so idyllic. They dream of tasting that crisp, cool cider, especially on a hot summers day. Tasmanians know this all too well. Introducing to you, Spreyton Cider.

The Process of Making Spreyton Cider 

There are seven steps to creating cider – preparing the fruit, pulping and pressing the fruit, fermentation and assessing the cider, blending the flavours and finally bottling the golden liquid.  But to create the perfect cider, the fruit needs to be top grade. If it’s not good enough to eat, it is not good enough to juice.

At Spreyton Cider, the fruit is of the highest quality, the recipe is traditional with a modern twist, and there is no added sugar. Absolutely none. Instead of adding sugar, the team at Spreyton Cider use a unique method of letting the cider ferment for a second time when in the bottle. This creates a dry cider, a superior product compared to others. And there’s no need for anything else to be added, other than a label. Now that’s a perfect cider.

A Brief History of Spreyton Cider

Spreyton Apple TreeThe orchard in Mersey Valley dates back to 1908, and has been in the family for four generations. They had been growing and selling apples, pears and cherries to the world until 1997, when they tried their hand at juicing. What followed was Spreyton Fresh, which soon became a staple at Tasmanian breakfast tables. Their apple juice is made with 100% Australian apples, with the majority of those grown in their own orchard. Again, there is no added sugar or water - just delicious apple juice. In 2012, with the world awakening to the wonderful alternative drink that is cider, the team put their thinking caps on as to what else they could do with all this wonderful fruit.

They are an ambitious bunch at Spreyton Fresh. Realising that they had a winning product on their hands with first their fruits and then their juice, it was only natural for them to progress into cider. And so they jumped in with both feet and Spreyton Cider was born. The cidery was built within the working orchard, and within that same year, they bottled their first cider. They had created five premium products straight off the bat, because when onto a winner - they saw no reason to hold back. 

Spreyton Cider opened a cellar door that is open daily from 12pm to 5pm, where they host tastings and sell their products, and they also invite visitors to take a self-guided tour of the working orchard. The team at Spreyton Cider live, eat and breathe cider. They make a quality product, and want the world to know it.

Spreyton Cider SnowCider by nature is a unique, boutique drink, ideal for summer BBQs or Tasmanian road trips. It is for people who want to drink happiness, and taste the sunshine. Pick up a few bottles from Spreyton Cider in Spreyton, Devonport on your way home or before boarding the Spirit of Tasmania to the mainland, and keep the magic of your Tasmanian holiday alive for that little bit longer.

Great fruit leads to great juice. Great juice, leads to great cider. And great cider, leads you to Spreyton Cider.

To learn more about Spreyton Cider visit their website at http://spreytonciderco.com.au or phone them on (03) 6427 3664.