One Degree at Fairholme


Publishedon 18/03/2015 - 05:45 am

Ben MilbourneBen Milbourne is opening his farmhouse to visitors to undertake private food tours and dining experiences from his residence, Fairholme, located in the heart of Tasmania’s North West coast.

Tasmania is fast becoming the premier food and wine destination. In the past it has been the sheer beauty of the state that has drawn visitors however there has been an awakening; visitors are now able to visit many farm gates tasting the fabulous produce straight from the producer. The North West coast of Tasmania boasts produce that is exclusive to this stunning part of the world. From Australian exclusive chocolate made from rare beans from the Peruvian Mountains to the largest producer of single malt whiskey in the southern hemisphere; Ben can now offer a first class experience to allow visitors to have the paddock to plate, ‘One Degree’ experience.

Ben Milbourne, host of Ben’s Menu and Masterchef season 4 finalist, has worked closely with many producers on the North West Coast of Tasmania and is keen to to expose Tasmania’s fresh and fabulous produce to the world. He is opening his private dining room in his 1920’s farmhouse for small groups up to 24 for a unique dining experience; from a 9-course degustation, canapés in the gardens or shared plates, guests can work with Ben, spending time in the kitchen or foraging, to create a dining experience like no other.

Visitors to the area can choose to have the full One Degree experience by joining Ben throughout the day foraging along the North West Coast, visiting local producers and appreciating fresh produce on a One Degree Food Tour.  This fusion of food will give guests a full gastronomic appreciation of what the North West Coast of Tasmania has to offer.

The One Degree Food Tour experience will be unique to the visitor, as Ben’s team will work with them to create an itinerary that will delight their senses. Ben has invested the last three years forging relationships with local producers to gain an understanding of their products to give visitors a first hand account of the care and dedication that is involved in creating world class produce. Ben can take visitors behind the scenes at local farm gates and with other producers who are not open to the public to offer a truly unique experience.

Why One Degree?

Ben MilbourneOne Degree is Ben’s food philosophy. “One Degree of separation is what I love most about Tasmanian produce, the closeness to the source and the connection to the grower leads to an understanding and appreciation of what we create and what we eat. When you know where the food was grown, how it was cared for and who’s blood, sweat and tears were shed to get it to the point of being on your plate food takes on a while new meaning. It is so much more than just sustenance. Food is how we show we love, it is memories built, stories shared, celebrations had. It is passion and pride and this is no more evident than when you meet the producers. This is my philosophy and what I wish to share with guests that visit One Degree”. 

Come and meet the most important people in the food chain – the primary producers. These characters are passionate about their work and being Tasmanian.

One Degree offers food experiences utilising Tasmania’s fresh, seasonal, local produce.  Tours can be planned for visitors to have a behind the scenes visit to some of Tasmania's world-class producers. Our event planning team will work with visitors to design an event to remember. Fairholme is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Spirit of Tasmania terminal and 15 minutes from the Devonport Airport.


For enquires regarding One Degree and Ben Milbourne, please contact Sally Milbourne (email or phone 0428 266 545), or go to the website: