Off Center - A New Addition To Launceston's Bubbling Café Scene


Publishedon 12/08/2015 - 05:43 am

A former motorcycle garage that’s now serving single origin coffee, pies and pumping out the Sex Pistols. Off Center is a new addition to Launceston’s bubbling café scene and boy is it good.

Off Centre Launceston CoffeeOwners Cara Massey and fiancé Banjo Lockhart, a 30 year-old who used to work as a safety officer on skyscrapers, wheeled out the business in late May with the aim of setting themselves apart from other cafes by staying open late. On Tuesday til Saturday, the place is open throughout the day before a little afternoon break then open til 10pm.

“I hope the night time trading becomes an institution, giving people a reason other than half price movie tickets to come out on a Tuesday night,” says Banjo.

Positioned in the Kingsway, around the corner from the cinema, Off Center is the perfect place for film buffs to critique over cake and coffee or for those seeking a alcohol-free watering hole.

Locally roasted Ritual Coffee is blended with Pyengana Real Milk and served in delicate grey pieces of art by local ceramicist Lisa Boyer.

“The first things we chose were the cups, the last – the teaspoons.”

Off Centre Launceston FoodBanjo controls the caffeine, dishing up dazzling latte art and silky flat whites. The menu is sourced elsewhere and simple: pies from local pastry emporium, Tinnies and gluten free sweeties from Birdseed.

“We brew filter coffee in house and send it to Tinnies for them to make our steak, coffee and pepper pie,” says Banjo as he serves one up with a generous dollop of chutney.

For the early birds, there’s muesli and coming soon, banana bread.

Aside from the delicious morsels and tipples, Off Center offers an unexpected dining experience just a block from Launceston’s Brisbane Street Mall. You’d assume the black and white theme to be harsh and cold but indoor plants, lots of light and textured furniture creates a welcoming comfort. Banjo describes the place as sleek grunge and that’s pretty much it.

Further proof baristas have the best memories; I was addressed by name the second time I visited Off Center and asked, “the usual?”.

To learn more about Off Center please visit their Facebook page.