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Publishedon 15/06/2015 - 11:01 pm

For Peter and Frances Bender farming, whether on land or sea, has always been about family, passion, care and quality.  A combination of innovative farming, a low stress philosophy and a dedication to working with and maintaining the natural Tasmanian environment have all led to producing a product recognised around the world for its superior quality and ethos. What began with one pen of trout and one lone employee is now recognised as Australia’s premium producer of Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout.



As local Tasmanians Peter and Frances met by chance in 1978 on the Ida Bay Railway, Australia’s southern-most railway, and just two years later they were married and managing the family cattle and sheep farming property in the Huon.

While farming they branched out into many other business ventures including owning and running a butchers shop, starting the first ever trellised apricot orchard in Tasmania and running a small excavating business to help on the cattle farm. This entrepreneurial vein in their lives would be just a hint of what was to come.

Since Huon Aquaculture's inception in 1986 Peter and Frances have dedicated themselves to building a Tasmanian company which can boast international acclaim across all areas of the business, from egg to plate. From one lone employee in the beginning, 'Huon' now employes approximately 550 others with a focus on maintaining a strong family ethos, inspired by a passion to deliver the best produce Tasmania has to offer.


Huon Aquaculture Fish Farm at Police Point

Huon salmon begin their life in state-of-the-art hatchery facilities where they are monitored 24 hours a day. After a year in Huon’shatcheries they then begin their life at sea in the pristine waters of the Huon River and D’Entrecasteaux Chanel in Southern Tasmania and Macquarie Harbour on the West Coast.

During this time Huon salmon enjoy one of the lowest stocking densities in the world with each pen containing 99% water and just 1% fish. From the pens which Huon salmon call home, to world leading feed systems and RSPCA UK accredited harvesting processes, Huon is at the forefront of sustainable aquaculture globally.

These innovations are all geared towards harnessing and protecting the natural environment the business operates in, which in turn produces the highest quality Atlantic salmon and Ocean Trout.



Huon is known around the world for its sashimi grade salmon, a product that is highly sought

after in Japan. Locally, Masaaki’s Sushi in Geeveston (just down the road from Huon’s main operations) is a perfect example of a less is more approach to high quality salmon. Masaaki’s Huon Salmon sashimi is renowned in Southern Tasmania for Masaaki Koyama’s impeccable craftsmanship and the simplicity and freshness of Huon’s superior quality fresh salmon.

In 2011 Huon launched its Reserve Selection range, a truly unique grouping of hand crafted artisan smoked salmon and trout products. This seriously special salmon range includes products such as Honey Cured Hot Smoked Salmon, Hand Selected Salmon Caviar and Whisky Cured Cold Smoked Salmon using Tasmania’s own Lark’s Distillery whisky.

Included in the Reserve Selection range is an Australian first, the Signature Cut. Using the prime loin cut of salmon, the Signature Cut is the ultimate decadence and the highest grade salmon cut you’ll find. Lightly salted and thenkissed with smoke to give it a restrained and delicate flavour with texture that is unrivalled, the Signature Cut is seriously special.

All products in the Reserve Selection range are available online with each product made to order and delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. For recipe ideas using Huon salmon, click here.


Huon_Aquaculture_Brooke_St_PierIn 2015 Huon opened its Brooke Street Pier concept store, giving Reserve Selection a home on Hobart’s iconic waterfront. The concept store exclusively sells the Reserve Selection range as well as various Huon merchandise.

Store Manager Luke Cavanagh is always on hand putting together in store tastings as visitors learn about Huon salmon and explore the store, which is packed with interactive ways to discover how Huon hand crafts the Reserve Selection range.

The Huon Brooke Street Pier concept store is a home for locals and tourists alike to come and talk with the Huon team and enjoy new and innovative salmon products. Why not visit the pier and learn more about what makes Huon salmon so seriously special?

To find out more about Huon Aquaculture, Reserve Selection and the full range of products visit