Hobart's Hidden Gems : Taco Taco Mexican Street Food Van


Publishedon 04/07/2014 - 01:07 am

Taco Taco Mexican street food vanBeing the food lovers that we are, we are always on the lookout for new restaurants, cafes and other eateries to try in Hobart and the greater Tasmanian area. And while the Taco Taco Mexican street food van is not exactly new, if you are not in the "know" or up with the local food scene you may have never heard of it either.

If you follow their Facebook page you will be notified of exactly where in Hobart they will be popping up. Most nights you will find them in the carparks of places like Beaurepaires or Godfrey's in Brisbane Street. We found them in the carpark at 40 Molle Street on the night that we paid them a visit. During lunch times you may find them on Collins Street catering to the busy lunch time office crowd. No matter where they are, it is well worth the trip to go and taste their amazing gluten free soft shelled tacos filled with great selection of fillings that will truly make your mouth water.

The menu had apparently just been changed the night of our first Taco Taco experience. The choices of a tamarind and orange pork & iceberg lettuce, the "Flaming Taco" of grilled chicken, spicy chipotle and mayo, a beef brisket and pickled cabbage, and the vegetarian miso glazed sweet potato, black beans and coriander cream are clearly tasty enough to satisy the stream of people who were ordering non-stop in the 30 minutes we were sitting enjoying our Tacos. The pricing is simple - $5 / taco. Mexican sodas in 3 flavours are available for $4 each and seem to be matched perfectly to the beautiful fillings and 100% gluten freen soft shelled tacos.

Taco TacoNow we only had one problem - quite simply we just wanted to keep eating them! We ordered two each at first but needed a third just to make sure they were still as good as the first two. And after the third, I could have kept eating them, not becuase I needed to but because they seriously are that delicious. We could imagine pulling up a milk crate or some other form of portable seating and sitting around with friends and anyone else rocking up to enjoy these tacos, especially in the warmer months. I am not sure how the coucil food laws would go with that outside of any preorganised festivals such as Taste Festival or DARK Mofo though.

We love little local Hobart and Tasmanian gems like Taco Taco. These are the little things that give the area it's own vibe. The locals have certainly gotten behind Matt and Chris, seasoned hospitality professionals who started the Taco Taco Mexican street food van out of the back of the truck which Matt's father fitted out for them. They offer function and even catering and you will most likely find them at any of the local food festivals around the Hobart area. We personally feel anything that encourages people to get out and about experience the uniquely Hobart food scene is a fantastic thing. And I can guarantee we will be visiting them regularly wherever they may be on the streets of our beautiful city.

If you have experienced the food from Taco Taco please leave a review on their Tasmanian Food Guide restaurant listing.