Grandvewe – Taking Tasmanian Sheep Cheese To a Whole New Level


Publishedon 29/08/2014 - 10:27 am

What started as a hobby at the kitchen table in Brisbane has turned into an award winning business in Tasmania, breaking the typical cheese moulds around Australia with a unique style and flavour. Or maybe that should be spelt EWE-nique. 

Grandvewe Birchs Bay BlondSheep’s milk is more common than you may think – once you move past the fact that it is possible to milk a sheep, you’ll discover the milk can be found in yogurt, ice-cream and soaps, and is a perfect drinking milk for those who are lactose-intolerant. The majority of sheep milk from around the world is turned into cheese, and the best of these cheeses can be found here in our very own Tasmanian backyard.

Grandvewe - A Family Run Business

Grandvewe is a family business run by Diane Rae and her two children Ryan and Nicole. Like most tourists when on holiday in Tasmania, Diane fell in love with the land and convinced her children to join her in what they thought at the time was a mid-life crisis. They bought 80 acres of windswept land, perched high above the incredible D’Entrecasteaux Channel in the picturesque township of Birchs Bay near Woodbridge. Half an hour’s drive from Hobart and along some of the prettiest countryside in all of Tasmania, the climate is cool in winter and warm in summer. 

They planted a vineyard on land that was once home to fruit orchards. However an animal was needed to keep the grass down between the vines. After dismissing ducks and goats, they decided to focus on sheep as they were less likely to eat the vines and came with the added benefit of being milk producing animals. The rest as they say is history.

Cheese Making Grandvewe Cheeses

But how much milk does one family need? Diane had experimented with making cheese back in Brisbane and seized the opportunity to study cheese making. Travelling the world, she learnt from 17 experts in places like Jordan, America and Canada about the best methods to create unique cheeses. Determined to produce a quality product, they used a mob of Awassi ewes, a hardy sheep who flourish on a diet of native weeds and eucalyptus trees, as well as their own breed of sheep called Grandvewe Dairysheep.

Award Winning Sheep Cheese

From day one Grandvewe were determined to stand out from the crowd. Cheeseries have come and gone, but Diane knew they had something special with their rich sheep milk. Grandvewe is Australia’s only certified organic Sheep Milk Cheesery, and has won the highest awards for any sheep cheesery in Australia, including the champion cheese for their blue cheese at the Sydney Royal show. Their milk products are supplied to some of the top chefs and restaurants in Australia including Peter Gilmore at Quay Restaurant in Sydney.

Grandvewe Cheese View

Grandvewe’s most popular cheeses are the White Pearl and Sapphire Blue. White Pearl is a versatile cheese, delicious spread on bread and magic when combined with smoked salmon or sprinkled over pasta. All the varieties of cheese produced by Diane and her family have their own unique flavour and texture, from the Spanish influenced and award winning Primavera to Grandvewe Fresh, a spreadable and tangy cheese.

Grandvewe is now a Tasmanian tourist destination. The Cheesery is open to the public 7 days a week all year round.  Here you can purchase Grandvewe’s awarding winning cheeses, taste test up to 15 different cheeses and watch the process of cheese making from paddock to plate. ‘The Girls’ (sheep) are in the paddock next door for you to meet and in summer can be happily handled and fed by children.

Grandvewe Ewe Beauty

Visit Grandvewe

A café is on site and you are invited to relax on the deck with a glass of wine and a selection of tasty cheeses, whilst enjoying the incredible views of Bruny Island. Dine on a light meal from a seasonal menu, created fresh and using the best local Tasmanian produce. You can visit the cellar door for tastings of their excellent wine, matched perfectly with the amazing Grandvewe cheeses of course!

Diane, Ryan and Nicole are a hard working family who pride themselves on making world class cheeses for all to enjoy. They control the entire process from sheep to fodder, from milking to manufacturing, from packaging and distributing to selling which enables them to ensure their product is of the finest quality.

No Tasmanian cheese platter should be considered complete without a selection of Grandvewe cheeses. It is well worth the trip from Hobart or anywhere else in Tasmania to sample some of the finest quality cheese you will find anywhere. Make the trip down to Grandvewe at Birchs Bay and enjoy the incredible views from the deck while sampling the latest recommendations from the team. Learn more about the processes involved in making quality cheeses and take some home with you to enjoy matched with Tasmanian wines of equal quality.

To find out more about Grandvewe visit or phone them on (03) 6267 4099.