Frank Restaurant and Bar Review


Publishedon 25/03/2015 - 03:47 am

Franks Restaurant InteriorWith the sound of cocktails being shaken, playful samba paired with the loud and lively banter of drinkers and diners, and cheerful waitstaff briskly attending to the busy Friday night service, the atmosphere at Frank Restaurant and Bar on Hobart’s Franklin Wharf was upbeat.

From the moment we opened the door, we immediately began to soak up the uplifting energy of this venue. The decor is modern and appealing, with hues of dark chocolate contrasted with iridescent blue, and unique tall glass panels adorned with interesting bright coloured designs.

This place is extremely popular, and we strongly recommend making a booking. If you haven’t made one (as we haven't on any of our visits), there is a communal table along the side window overlooking the wharf where you may be lucky enough to score a seat, or you may otherwise be waiting for a table. We were told there was a 25 minute wait for a table, so we ordered some mojitos at the bar while we waited before some space became available in the communal area.

The cuisine is modern Australian with South American influences, and if the aromas were anything to go by we were very much looking forward to eating the food. This was actually our second visit to Frank, and we noted that the menu had not changed since our previous visit (mid December).

Franks Restaurant Main MealsWe started off with some empanadas, some oysters and mussels, and a bottle of (Tasmanian) Catch Cry Pinot Noir.

For the main part of the meal we ordered hangar steak from the charcoal grill (served with chimichurri and salsa picante), and half a baby chicken which came served with red onion, coriander, lemon, fried yucca and purple sweet potato. 

We also ordered a selection of side dishes to share: creamed zucchini + corn + tomato + lime, crisp potatoes + salsa criolla, and black-eyed pea salad with lime chilli and onion.  

The flavours were delicious and robust, and serving sizes generous. Although we couldn’t fit dessert in this time, on our previous visit we tried the Nemesis cake, and the passionfruit & mango parfait with white chocolate mousse - both very good. Had there been a new menu (or a dessert special offered to us), we may possibly have been tempted to squeeze in some dessert on this occasion.

It is easy to understand why this place is so popular. With an increasing number of venues popping up on the local dining scene, Hobartians are looking for something a little different, and Frank has stepped in to provide exactly this.  

Franks Restaurant DessertAlthough an indication of it’s popularity, the restaurant is a bit noisy, especially with so many people standing around drinking in the bar area which is situated right near the entrance. So Frank is perhaps not suited to a quiet dinner unless seated in the main restaurant, but if you are looking for somewhere that is lively and exciting - Frank ticks all the boxes.

From the zesty flavours to the uplifting atmosphere, this modern and inviting restaurant is the kind of place that makes you want to settle in for a few hours and let the attentive staff look after you. We may have walked away feeling a little full... but we were very satisfied and are looking forward to our next visit.