Daci & Daci – Hobart’s Home of Heavenly Sweet Treats


Publishedon 04/09/2014 - 08:38 pm

Daci & Daci BakeryWhen gazing into the windows of Daci & Daci, you will believe yourself to be in a cobble-stoned street in 19th century France. Look past your reflection, and take in the wonders on display – cakes and pastries topped with fruit, the sticky glazed pastry flaking off, which draws your eye down to the chocolate éclair, the fluffy cream bursting out from between the crunchy pastry.

Next to that, an apple Danish, the fruit cut as fine as paper. Your mouth slackens, as the sweet scent of baked goods, mixed with a hint of strong coffee and fresh bread bursts in a cloud around you, as a customer pushes open the door. You follow them inside in a daze: what is this heavenly wonder?

The Daci & Daci Experience

Daci Daci Cake CabinetThis is the experience all customers have when entering Daci & Daci. You are drawn inside to gaze at the dozens of pastries and cakes, all brightly coloured and lined up just to tempt you. At the shelves filled with rustic bread, fresh out of the oven. The cabinets containing rows and rows of pies, tarts, and savoury snacks. The staff behind the counter hand the change back to another satisfied customer, then turn to you with a smile. “Back again so soon? What can we tempt you with today?” The answer to that is a very firm “everything!”

A Brief History of Daci & Daci

In the heart of the tourist district of Salamanca, Daci & Daci is the creation of Naser and Cheryl Daci. The story goes that as tourists to Tasmania, they fell in love with the culture and the people. Upon returning to Melbourne and the bakery they worked in, they began to plan their return to Hobart to open the bakery and patisserie of their dreams. It all fell into place when they found 11 Murray Street for lease. With high front windows, the space for 30 indoor tables and a kitchen big enough to unleash their tremendous talent, they leased the sandstone building and in November 2011 opened the doors with 3 service staff, and the two of them in the kitchen. Three years later, and they now employ almost 30 staff, and are an icon in Hobart. They are a Tasmanian success story. How did they do it? 

Daci Daci Raspberry CrunchNaser and Cheryl had a clear vision of what they wanted their business to look like. Having learnt their trade in Europe, they wanted to bring the European baking traditions and superior goods to their customers. They are one of only a handful of businesses in Hobart where everything is made from scratch within the kitchen, and they use as much local produce as possible to support the local suppliers. They knew there was a gap in the market for a genuine patisserie and set to work showing Hobart just what it had been missing.

Make a Trip to Daci & Daci

Daci Daci MeringuesThe result of their determination is a stunning café outlined in black and gold, both sophisticated and rustic at the same time, this image helped by the beautiful sandstone building. Tourists’ window shop outside, creating a wish list of all the delicacies they must try before going home. The locals make a beeline for the counter – they know whatever they order will be exquisitely delicious; be it a tried and tested favourite, or a new seasonal treat.

On a perfect summers day, nothing beats being lucky enough to score a seat on their outside decking; the blue sky above you, the sounds of Salamanca Market echoing through the street; as you nibble on a croissant with their famous raspberry jam or one of their beautiful meringues which are literally as big as a small child's head, and a cup of expertly roasted coffee.

If Hobart had a perfume, it’s the scent of Daci & Daci. Sweet or savoury, breakfast or lunch, coffee or snack, tourist or local – for whatever occasion, it’s Daci & Daci.

Go on, treat yourself.